Our story

It all started when Baz was sat in his unit (Baz’s toyshop) with his dad chewing the fat over a brew and having fixed one of his motorbikes and skimming through Google. He came across a picture of a quite crude ammo box with a couple of speaker cut into the side, an amp and a mains lead trailing out the back.

This was one of the many times when Baz thought ‘SQUIRREL!’ and became completely distracted from his bikes and remembered he had an old box which he kept shackles in from his offroading days and an old mini amp buried in a box of bits. To cut a long story short he bought two 10w speakers, a small battery and BruteBox #001 was born.

This was back in 2013 and along with his partner Issy, one of his daughters Pheobe and Bob the Labrador, all being keen V-dubber’s took his new toy to Camper Jam and was surprised by the attention it got. He told many how it had been made but one chap, Darren Oag asked him to make one.

Over the next couple of weeks Baz pulled his hair out trying to get a bigger and better sound until what we now know as a BruteBox was developed. We would like to personally thank Daz for commissioning BruteBox #002 and setting us off on our first steps. Cheers Matey!

But…we do love a challenge so we have put our systems into other objects such as a vintage fuel can #034, a box that once housed the controller for a missile launcher #031 and even a WWII radio receiver that was used to communicate with Lancaster bombers and Spitfires #045.

What makes a BruteBox?

Each box is hand built in Staffordshire by Baz. Although we try to up-cycle as much as we can we feel that where it counts new is always best. Once we have sourced the right boxes they are prepped for painting (if required) and then cut and drilled before de-burred by hand. The front grille is made, again by hand out of a flat section of galvanised mesh.

Other parts include: an amp, 12v deep cycle battery, volt meter (analogue or digital), missile switch, retractable audio lead, audio lead grommet, speaker breather grommet, charge socket, fuse holders, fuses, 180w coaxial speakers, steel battery retainer, various nuts, bolts, washers, screws, cable ties and retainers, rivets, RAF grade fire retardant sound proofing., optional LED projection light and Bluetooth receiver.