BruteBox BarBike

Many of you already recognise our BarBike from shows we attend. You may haveĀ even been lucky enough to of had a shot or two from it!!

We have been asked many times where it was from so here’s its story…

We found what was a sad looking 1930s (correct us if we are wrong on the year) Raleigh bike in a charity bike shop. We took it home and as the original paint work had been ruined Baz’s dad set to work stripping it and then sanding the paint down.

Baz then sprayed it to as close a match to the original as he could find. Next was the bar! This was made from off cuts we found knocking around the unit keeping the up-cycling going. As for the Memphis belle, she was painted by Issy’s Mom, the lovely and very talented Joey.

We then built a little platform for a BruteBox and the rest drifts off into a haze of top tunes, sweet Amaretto and great company.